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Unlicensed rogue vehicles now menacing Harare streets

Despite the warnings from police and road safety agencies to be weary of vehicles that drive without displaying legal documentation of identification, proof of licence and insurance, Harare has become a haven of such vehicles mimicking the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation or President’s Office fleet.

An innocent pedestrian lies on the tarmac after being hit

Such vehicles have become a menace to other road users often with pedestrians paying a heavy price, without fatally paying the ultimate price.

One case this evening happened at the intersection of Nelson Mandela and 6th Street where a Mazda double cab pick-up without displaying anything on the windscreen hit a pedestrian cross the road and knocked her down into the street around 6:30pm.

The battered vehicle displayed no road licence, insurance or third number plate

So desperate to get away from the scene, the vehicle occupants and one other who was in a separate van bundled the victim into the Mazda truck before rushing possibly and hopefully to a medical facility. Baffling enough there was no interest in either calling an ambulance or the police in accordance to the law regarding road incidents.

On noticing the camera from our team, one of the parties became irate and scuffled with our journalist despite being advised we are accredited media personalities covering the incident.

victim is immediately bundled in the vehicle without calling Police or Ambulance

“This vehicle has no licence or insurance displayed, how do we know if they will not drive and dump the victim somewhere, we have seen numerous incidents of people discovered dumped either dead or left for dead, why couldn’t they phone police and ambulances..” said one witness who refused to be named on camera.



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