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UNMASKED: Knife wielding “wife” Capetown evil

Zimbabwean communities globally have of late been ridden with woman on woman violence of extreme graphic nature abeit on blame of infidelity of fellow women on their partners.

Such videos, despite clearly exposing criminal nature of action, appear to me put up on social media in most occasions as live broadcast as if are a badge of honour.

Of latest is where Tsitsi Joyce Kahiya based in Phillipi Betterlife in Capetown is seen brandishing a sharp large kitchen knife she repeatedly used to chop off hair from woman who she claimed to have been sleeping with her partner only identified as “baba Kaylah”.

The victim despite repeatedly pleading innocence and ignorance to the accusation, was brutalised even by Kahiya’s accomplices who hurled insults and intimidating threats to her.

When our reporter called her, Kahiya was rudely dismissive and boastly challenged;

“Nyorai zvamunoda, you all dont know the other side of the story…”, she said

The video has attracted so much anger among not only Zimbabweans but people from all nationalities worldwide.

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