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US Embassy condemns abduction of activist

The Embassy of United States of America has condemned the abduction and torture of civil society leaders Blessing Kunotonga and Tatenda Mombeyarara alleged state security. It is speculated it was in connection with the 16th August demonstrations.

In a tweet, the US Embassy said every citizen was granted the right to protest against harsh living conditions or an unwanted government.

US Embassy said those who had abducted the human rights activist should be arrested so that justice could be served. The Embassy also endorsed Zimbabweans to exercise their rights by taking on the streets.

The US government is concerned about renewed reports of abductions and assault of civil society members and opposition party members. Harassment and intimidation have no place in a democratic and pluralistic society. RespecttheConstitution#humanrights,”

“We call on the GOZ to condemn these attacks and hold those responsible to account,”

On Wednesday activist Tatenda Mombeyarira was abducted by unidentified man who tortured him to disclose information about the MDC-A protest on the 16th of August leaving him with scars.

The MDC-A Spokesperson Fortune Daniel Molokele confirmed that the demonstration are to take place and everyone had to come together to end this suffering.

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