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US Embassy speaks on abductions

United States of America Embassy in Zimbabwe has called upon the government to investigate on the abductions that are taking place in Zimbabwe. US Embassy urged the government to bring perpetrators to account.

Since January more than 50 civic society, labor and opposition leaders have been abducted in Zimbabwe. No arrests have been made. We urge the government to take action & hold perpetrators of these human rights violations accountable #Find Peter Magombeyi,”

US Embassy has raised concern of the welfare Dr Magombeyi and many other leaders alleged to have been kidnapped .

Permanent Secretary of Information, Publicity &Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has distanced the government from the alleged abduction of civil leaders, comedians claiming that they will be degrading themselves.

“This Administration has no reason to destabilize this country by abducting its citizens. Threats to the security of persons and acts of terror are ultimately threats to the security of the state. There is no rhyme or reason for the state to undermine itself #3rd Force,”said Mangwana.

Doctors have joined hands together and took the streets by protesting against the alleged abduction of Dr Magombeyi who is not known about his whereabouts.

Recently there has been a breakout of abduction of civic society leaders, MDC leaders and other media personalities including comedian Samantha Kureya well known as Gonyeti.



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