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US spikes Marange diamonds

United States of America has condemned the importation of Marange diamonds in America giving forced labor as the reason for the procurement produced through forced labor. 

US slammed a door on the Marange by putting them off their shelf claiming they were produced through forced labor.

“U.S Customs & Border Protection issued a Withhold Release Order for Zimbabwe’s, Marange diamond fields on October 1 2019 due to evidence of forced labor. US law prohibits importation of goods made with forced labor,”

US said they were going to carry out investigations through importation of goods so as to avoid slave labor.

It is alleged that residents in Marange and children have been coerced into forced labor by state security officials. It is also alleged the diamonds were invested into state owned companies to benefit the elite.

In 2016 the late Former President Robert Mugabe announced that diamonds in Marange worthy $15 billion had been looted and no-one has been held accountable for the crime.



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