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Vice President Mohadi loses 271 cattle

The Vice President of Zimbabwe Kembo Mohadi has reportedly lost more than 271 cattle due to drought.The whole of Matebeleland South has lost a total of 16 000 livestock due to drought.

Beitbridge East legislator, Albert Nguluvhe who said that he lost more than 100 cattle at his farm in Bubi area stated that the shortage of water was a big problem making the hunger-stricken cattle travel for long distances in search of water.

“Most cattle are forced to walk long distances in search of water and clearly an already starving cow or beast going through such a challenging situation is not likely to survive. We are saying Government should support farmers by providing them with tractors and slashers so that they can be able to cut grass growing on roadsides and feed their cattle,” He said.

Cattle farmers in Beitbridge said that the numbers of animals dying from drought continued to increase forcing some to sell their livestock for less

The province falls under agro-ecological region 5 or natural region 5 which is suitable for extensive cattle production and game-ranching and drought-resistant crops.Farmers have appealed to the government to assist them with tractors, slashers and more livestock feed.

The reports come when the government has announced plans to revive the agriculture sector that has been under performing for decades now.

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