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VID to eradicate bogus drivers licence

The introduction of electronic  provisional drivers licence tests at Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) to start on the 1st of December as a way to reduce interface with officials as well as minimising cases of alleged corruption.

VID show cased the new technology at the just ended 57th Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). The new system was exhibited at VID stand in 2016.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), spokesperson Mr Tatenda  Chinoda  said the electronic  provisional drivers licence  (e-PDL)exams to start on December 1.

“From 1 December 2018 Provisional Drivers Licence exams will be computerised starting with VID’s in Harare,  he said.

The automation process is also meant to eradicate chances of manipulating the results and potential to weed out corruption.

Through this e-government process it is assumed that they will be a situation where people will be having their provisional licence tests online and get licences much easier. Also corruption will be reduced because the more electronic systems   implemented, the less interface candidates will have and the less likelihood of officials asking for bribes.

With the new developments before  candidates  takes  an exam they will have to take three eye tests ,failure of which will lead to the disqualification of the candidate.

This new way of attaining a licence ,through electronic systems  will also give credibility to drivers licence owners and will help in reducing unnecessary accidents caused by bogus drivers who would just purchase their licences.



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