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Violent arrest at Court: Senior ZRP Officer charged

ZRP senior cop, Joseph Nemesia who is facing allegations of violently arresting CIO informer at Harare Magistrate’s Court leaving him with a broken arm last year has been summoned to court. According to the summons and court papers, Nemaisa will appear at Mbare magistrates Court on 05th February 2018 to answer to the charges.

Sometime in August, last year, Detective Inspector, Nemaisa reportedly violently snatched Delish Nguwaya from the courtroom before dragging him down a flight of stairs while handcuffed after he (Nguwaya) had come to Harare Magistrates Court for trial on allegations of possessing cocaine and extortion to which he was the accused.

When the presiding magistrate, Noel Mupeiwa entered the court room for the trial, he was dismayed by the behaviour of the police officers, ordered Nguwaya to be presented before him within 30 minutes but to no avail.
Magistrate Mupeiwa had no option but to remove Nguwaya from remand in absentia.

It is alleged after being snatched from the courtroom, Nguwaya was bundled at the back of a black Isuzu truck without registration plates which immediately sped off. His lawyers unsuccessfully tried to save their client before lodging an urgent complaint at the High Court.

After watching the video clips showing police brutality and the degrading inhuman conditions that Nguwaya was subjected to, Justice Charles Hungwe found the arrest unlawful. In a document signed by advocate Tasorora Musarurwa, the lawyers described the police’s conduct as unconstitutional. Nguwaya was then released through a High Court order.

The informer (Nguwaya) was recently at the centre of a corruption storm involving CIOs operatives and senior police officers in which he was whistle-blowing on to bosses’ graft.

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