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My virtuous lady, better than before

“I want to do it because I want to do it, women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others” Emilia Earhart was a female aviator and author who recognized women strength and intelligence in a more male dominated and vile society than it is today.
Women like, Jenni williams, Joice Mujuru, Tsitisi Dangaremwa,Beatrice Mtetwa among others have done lots of remarkable work to give us a voice and their effort can only be appreciated by we women ourselves.
Sadly a lot of women in rural Zimbabwe are still infringed chauvinist rigid taboos and barbaric customs where their daughters are forced into marriages to appease avenging spirits, mothers are thoroughly beaten because they stood up against their husbands and wife’s are told you won’t go to work “nekuti unozonyengwa kubasa ikoko”.

This has been a never ending fight since mans creation and only women have the power to stand up define them.
Our burning desire to participate at par with man can only be quenched by first admitting and embracing our womanhood through self respect.
We don’t need to have rights only for us to belong in a society, we need to have our own identity that defines  what it is being a women and how it feels being the women.
When our complaints remain unanswered then be benevolent enough to fight for what you want.
When women are deprived of their basic rights and imprisoned in the round huts and thatched roofs of their so called houses, their services being exploited by their husbands then all of their sacrifices, devotion and struggle is taken for granted.I realized a lot of successful women in Zimbabwe did not reach where they are today through self condemnation, denial or forced submission, they gave themselves RESPECT and set an agenda on their lives.
You may be a nursery school teacher you, your voice and opinion is what matters and that voice is power.
Definitely that special opinion and voice will change the mindset of those little babies you teaching to be able to make a choice of speaking out and never letting anyone come in their way. That is power.
Most girls are now in the habit of wanting to be in an already financially stable relationship and view marriage as a safe haven escaping from their real self.Contrary, if you do not put a price-tag on yourself no one will respect you even you will condemn the person you have created.
Our feeling is that we cant deal with these bipolar realities that we are woman and truth be told there is nothing bad about having different sexes but we should appreciate and consider the best aspects of each.

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