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Walk the talk: politicians told

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) has urged all political parties to walk the talk and desist from exhibiting political violence.

ZDD passed these statements in a press conference held today at the media centre.

Bishop Ancelimo Magaya, the director for ZDD who was heading the panel said:

“We have high expectations of an election that is peaceful and possibly fair, but our hearts bleeds as we hear shocking utterances by supposedly mature and educated national leaders in persons of Deputy Minister of Finance Honourable Terrance Mukupe and provincial Governor Josiah Hungwe.”

He added that the two politicians think that Zimbabweans are still docile enough to be intimidated and silence by reference to violence and use of the bullets to citizens who don’t agree with a particular political view point.

“We condemn these reckless utterances by the two senior Zanu Pf party members who threatened and intimidated the electorate with the use of the army as in the past.

“The MDC appears to be developing an appetite for intra party violence as shown by isolated skirmishes, recent court booing, jeering with expletives and gibes hurled at Thokozani Khupe at the courts.

“These are a clear indication that the opposition is failing to resolve its political differences amicably.”

The ZDD will be conducting a series of peace marches starting on the 31st of May 2018 as there will be demanding the government to institute and activate special mechanisms for quick response to   arrest electoral violence.

They also demand the army to retract its 2002 stance “Route to State House is straight jacketed-Army cannot salute a civilian leader without war credentials” and commit itself to respecting people’s choices.

Further demands are that traditional leaders must publicly retract their partisan stance and commit themselves to people’s choices and that political parties must act swiftly on party cadres who fan practical violence.

Also the War Veterans Peace Initiative Forum that was represented by CDE Joshua Kativhu  passed their concerns that all political parties must not use hate slogans, hate speeches and any other derogatory language which might instigate violence.


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