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‘We are not separating with my husband’:Olinda

Businesswoman and socialite Olinda  Chapel-Nkomo said she will not dump her husband because of his promiscuous relationship with her friend.  

Posting on her live video on facebook, Olinda said Tytan was cheating with her friend and Fungai for a year.

We are not separating with my husband. I am not going to dump my husband. I am not separating with my husband we will stay together until we solve our issues,” Chapel said.

Chapel-Nkomo declared her relationship with Tytan is now an open relationship, one can have a promiscuous relationship. The businesswoman claimed she will not leave her husband and move to the next relationship because of these silly affairs.

“We are now in an open relationship. Olinda and Tytan are in an open relationship,”said Chapel Nkomo.

Chapel also advised Tytan to get into relationships with women far much better than her.

The social butterfly said she is no longer hurt by Tytans flings because she no longer considered marriage as of intrinsic value.

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