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We want genuine dialogue: Chamisa dismisses POLAD

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa was interviewed by SABC News South Africa on Wednesday and he noted the irrelevance of POLAD in solving Zimbabwe political and economic crisis.

Chamisa told SABC that in order to attain an outcome that is best for Zimbabwe, MDC-A and ZANU PF should engage in a dialogue that does not involve current POLAD members.

“What we would want is a genuine dialogue between us and Mr Mnangagwa, not the POLAD platform,” said Chamisa.

According to Chamisa, POLAD is a tool for oppression of the Zimbabweans by political manipulators.

“POLAD is infested with people who do not have any representation, these are the people who have been picked to be part of a process, to try and drown the voice of the alternative, to try and drown the voice of the people, to try and end the vote of the people in2018 for its effect,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa said POLAD is false dialogue to fool the nation whilst nothing is actually going on.

“POLAD is a poisoned space because it has men and women, political parties created by Mr Mnangagwa to give a false sense of a dialogue that is not taking place,” added Chamisa.

Chamisa concluded that, they are not going to waste a lot of time, they want genuine dialogue.

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