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Ivory Coast's former First Family, Laurent & Simone Gbagbo now on trail

When the mighty fall, former Ivory Coast First Lady stands trial

In a story that most certainly is giving Zimbabwe’s increasingly powerful first lady Dr. Grace Marufu Mugabe sleepless nights and stomach churns, Ivory Coast’s former first lady along with 82 civilians and soldiers has begun trial for her part in the 2010 disputed elections and the following resistance that ended throwing the west African country into civil war.

Laurent Gbagbo, would later be humiliated on global media on his capture and surrender, paving way for the installation of the election winner Alassane Quattara in 2011.

Zimbabwe has reeled through a series of questionable elections and manipulated electoral system while the first lady enjoyed repossessions of farms in Mazowe and across the country.

Of recent, since her earning the “Doctorate” degree under very questionable circumstances, Grace Mugabe has embarked on a power trip that saw her openly challenge the Zimbabwean political senior setup within her husband’s ruling party, predicting the demise of many including the second most powerful state employee, Joice Mujuru the former Vice President.

“If she is found guilty, she will get 20years to life. We are talking about a crime against state security here”, said prosecutor Soungalo Coulibaly.

The former French colony had earlier refused surrendering Simone to the ICC in Hague where her husband is incarcerated preferring trying her under their domestic jurisdiction.

Charges against the Gbagbo family stem from the 2010 elections where after losing to his opponnt, Laurent Gbagbo declared himself the winner, descending the country into anarchy and the following protests ans resistance that led to the death of over 3000 civilians. Along it all, Simone was extremely instrumental, vocal and powerful to the resistance. Political critics as well the state has built their case on premise all this was avoidable had Gbagbo accepted defeat and respectably stepped down.

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