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Who bewitched Public Service providers?

Zimbabwe’s public service sector has turned to be a disgrace over the years.

One wonders whether it is lack of motivation that drives ‘workers of the government’, as they are normally referred to, or it is a system that is totally out of shape.

You go to a hospital and you find a nurse explicitly showing you that she is not interested in serving you.

The same is not absent at Zupco buses, Registration offices, Government schools, University and you can name all government institutions you think of.

Recently I visited a very influential office to get some documents processed. What I saw there was very disturbing. Most offices open between 8am and 9am. I got to the office at around 9am and was very glad to see the ‘staff’ arriving at the place that same time.

 Surprisingly these men and women, whom everyone was waiting for, went straight to the kitchen to grab tea or coffee.

We patiently waited for them as they destroyed a good hour doing nothing but having an early breakfast. As if that wasn’t enough the ‘normal breakfast’ was to come next at 10am. This meant another hour of unproductivity and of us waiting, distressed.

I was finally served at around 11:15am, after almost two good hours of waiting. That alone triggered a lot of questions in my mind. How many hours per day are these guys providing real service to the nation?

Who should we blame for this sort of behaviour? Is Emmerson Mnangagwa responsible for the way these men and women operate? What type of legacy are we leaving for our children? How many dollars are lost every minute because of such folk?

 If anyone has the answers then this country needs to know them.

At one point I almost bought the idea that certain organizations that do not require employees to be at the ‘traditional office’ must now adapt a system of employees working from home. Financially, these people who are not performing as per expected are nothing but a loss to the government.

Expenses such as Wi-Fi, electricity and water charges are being abused each day by such people while there is no production and it is the government that suffers at the end.

Before going to work give yourself goals. What exactly do I want to achieve? I am sure drinking tea or coffee Will not be one of these. What benefit am I to the organization that I am working for? If you see yourself not adding value to your company but wasting resources and harassing the public I believe now is the time you call it a day.

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