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Wife bashed over beans

A Harare woman dragged her husband to court over being assaulted for not boiling beans which had come from her husband’s village.

Marjory Chiremba came to the Harare Civil Court claiming her husband is abusive he beats her up over silly things such as not cooking beans  and once assaulted her when I was pregnant with our last child.

“He once bashed because I did not cook beans he had come with from his village. When I was pregnant with our last child he beat me up with his open hands and fists and I reported him to the police, ”said Chiremba.

Chiremba said her husband abuses her in front of their children and he does not cater for our children even when they get sick he ignores us. He is quite aggressive.

“How can I raise a family when he insults me in front of the children. Our six year old child has lost respect for me because of the way he treats me in their presence, ”said Chiremba.

Sydney Matewa disputed with the claims saying Chiremba was lying because he never insults her .She is being influenced by her sister to ill-treats me, she provokes me.

“I do not abuse her, she is being influenced by her sister to mistreat me because she does the same to her husband. She is hiding behind the court so she can run away from our matrimonial home,”said Chiremba.

Presiding Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti ordered Matewa to respect ,stop assaulting her wide  and granted Chiremba a protection order against Matewa.

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