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Woman demands $700 maintenance

Prevailing harsh conditions have seen more women dragging their former partners to court seeking upward variations to try and match with the times.

Yeukai Nyawasha was demanding an upward variation and a garnish order from her ex- husband Edmore Tabwa arguing that Zimbabwe National Army employee’s last born aged six has not yet been admitted at any school for Early Childhood Learning (ECD) in which a child should attain at the age of fours years.

She even complained that Tabwa does not even engage in any discussions with her, pertaining their four children aged, seventeen,fourteen, ten and six.

The soldier offers an upward variation of $100 in addition to the current $150 but Nyawasha was disgruntled with the offer complaining that it is not enough with the prevailing economic crisis. She adds on to say all her children are school going and a lot of things are needed.

Presiding Magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered Tabwa to pay $360 for the three children


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