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Woman demands spousal maintenance.

A 30 year old woman Magret Rure appeared at the Harare Civil Court where she was applying for $200 spousal maintenance from her ex-husband Cliford Munyokore who is now married.

Speaking at the Harare Civil Court Rure said he wants to be maintained because she lost bladder when she was delivering a baby in 2012.

“I want him to maintain me because he is my husband ,we were legally married .We didn’t divorce but we no longer staying together since last year December, since then he stopped taking care of me,”

In response Munyokore’s lawyer disputed saying Munyokore is offering $50 per month because it is impossible for someone who is only 30 to depend on husband’s pocket.

“Your Worship ,respondent works at the Zimbabwe National Army earning $400 per month.He has two minor children and a wife and he is paying $76 school fees for the elder child,$180 food per month and $50 transport for the minor child ,so the total expenses per month is $411.The other thing is she did not mention reasons why she is in need of that amount of money except food .It is not possible for someone who is only 30 to depend on husband’s pocket ,what if the husband is not employed, what will she do?

However, Rure denied the offer, giving reasons why she is need of $200.                          

“I use dipus, pumpers and nappes that’s why I asked for that money, I buy them every month,”said Rure.

Presiding magistrate Sheilah Nazombe then ordered Munyokore to pay $100

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