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Women to take maternity leave in their first year of work

Women are now able to take maternity leave in the first year of their employment, said the Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare Dr Sekai Nzenza during a question and answer session in the senate.

Women are entitled to maternity leave within their first year of employment adding that the policy is going on maternity leave after 24 months has been outlawed and the policy on maternity leave is that it does not really matter when a woman starts work said Dr Nzenza  .

As soon as she starts work and she gets pregnant she is allowed to take maternity leave ,we have also  put in place that she has to go home and breast feed as opposed to the last policy which only allowed women to take maternity leave when she has been on job for 12 months has  changed” ,said the minister.

Maternity leave is considered as part of the health sector for women and encourages them in the areas of employment and removes maternal stress hence forth the previous policy was reversed.




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