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participants of the 2018 workshop

Youth must be involved in the country’s development

The Research and Advocacy Unit (Rau) in conjunction with the International Developmental Research Centre (IDRC) have started a workshop in Harare today focusing on the youth.

Promoting Constructive and Active engagement, Peace-building, social innovation and resilience among young people in Africa is the theme that is leading the workshop.

Honourable Ambassador Rene Cremonose the ambassador of the Canadian Embassy in Zimbabwe was there to give his remarks.

In his speech he said that “the youth must be involved in the development of the country in order to create a continuous prospering development of the country.

he went on to say “As the Government of Canada, we are proud of IDRC initiatives, which often bring together multiple perspectives and voices to generate the knowledge base and evidence needed to support sustainable development processes, and promote inclusive growth.

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Women and Youth, Mrs Sibusisiwe Zembe wrote a speech that was read in her absentia.

The speech sited that “the vocational training component of my ministry imparts hands-on and entrepreneurial skills that enable youths to be productive, self-reliant and peaceful citizens.”

Some of the participants are even coming from different countries like South Africa and Uganda.

Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust(YETT), Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation(CSVR), Hekima Ni Uhuru, Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Support(GAPS) and many others are some of the organisations present for the 5 days’ workshop in Harare.



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