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When bootlicking a leader supercedes politics....

Zanu pf bootlickers or prodigal sons

President Mugabe has a lot of bootlickers. Some of them have even compared the nonagenarian leader to Jesus Christ! Webster Shamu even claimed that if he had the option to choose his parents he would have chosen to be Mugabe’s child! Interestingly most of these bootlickers happen to be ‘prodigal sons’ too! Before they became fierce defenders and beneficiaries of the status qou they were once enemies of the same regime they now fervently defends. Below is a list of them

Jonathan Moyo

Former UZ Political Sciences lecturer-cum-politician Jonathan Moyo

Former UZ Political Sciences lecturer-cum-politician Jonathan Moyo

“We are young, dynamic society led by an old stagnant clique”-Professor Jonathan Moyo

“…he is without compassions {Mugabe} maybe because he is now too old, too tired and not in the best of health”-Jonathan Moyo

“What happened  is that the president tripped over a hump on the carpet on one of the steps of the dais as he was stepping down from the platform but he remarkably managed to break the fall on his own”-Jonathan Moyo

At one time Jonathan Moyo was a critic of the regime that he now fervently defends. At one time the professor admitted that President Mugabe was too old to rule, too tired and not in the best of health. However, recently the information minister has been hogging the limelight for his attempt to downplay the incident in which president Mugabe tripped over a carpet at the Harare international airport. Ironically, a video showing how the incident had transpired has gone viral on the whats app social platform. His flip flopping has been a subject of debate in the Zimbabwean media for many years. How he has managed to maintain his grip as Mugabe’s ‘Chief-propaganda-chief’ boggles the mind.

When he ran as an independent candidate in Tsholotsho parliamentary elections the opposition MDC did not field a candidate in this constituency under the assumption that Moyo was ‘one of them’ however as it soon emerged, he was not one of them but an opportunist. He started defending Mugabe in the media again!

His controversial political career is punctuated by his serial flip flopping. It seems as if the professor lacks an ideology. A person who subscribes to a certain ideology is characterized by consistency in thought as well as in action. However, this is not the case with this Mugabe bootlicker. We are yet to establish whether he is pro or anti Mugabe. However, from the look of it, he is simply an opportunist who has sinister ulterior motives. He is motivated by his incessant lust for power and material benefits. According to one of his former drivers, he has a taste of Mercedes Benz cars of which he possesses many! People like him are responsible for the misfortunes that have been plaguing the Zanu Pf party of late.

Caesar Zvayi

Troubled Journalist Caeser Zvayi

Troubled Journalist Caeser Zvayi

The Herald editor was once deported from Botswana where he had landed a post as lecturer in the media studies department at the University of Botswana. Zvayi is a well decorated lieutenant in the Mugabe propaganda army. He is well known for his hate speech as well as his dislike of opposition politics.

Once upon a time in 1998, Zvayi was a student leader at the Bindura University of Science Education. Zvayi was a Mugabe critic and MDC sympathizer. As a student leader his vociferous diatribes against Mugabe were in his remarks that Mugabe was not Zimbabwean but a Malawian national! According to Nehanda radio Zvayi referred to Mugabe as “Robert Gabriel Garamundege Matibiri Mugabe” This was because according to Zvayi Mugabe “spent more time flying to Malawi and other countries around the globe because he did not have attachment to the country”

Zyayi was once an MDC activist in Chitungwiza. During his stint as Geography teacher at Zengeza 1 high he was the representative of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ)

Bootlicking paid dividence for this turncoat sycophant. He was given a company car, the government rented a flat for him, and he was given a farm too.

Psychology Maziwisa

Former Mugabe arch critic turned trusted steward Psycology Maziwisa

Former Mugabe arch critic turned trusted steward Psychology Maziwisa

“I fail to comprehend how as a person and as a Zimbabwean you choose to remain indifferent to the hungry, desperate and shuttered voices, loud and clear of the very people you purport to lead.”-Psychology Maziwisa in his article ‘an open letter to Mugabe’

It is not helpful, Mr. president, at the age of 86 to seek, by one means or another to retain the presidency of a country you have already badly run for thirty years and left in a badly state…”-Psychology Maziwisa

“President Mugabe is a unifier and those thinking that Zanu Pf will split at its 6th National Peoples congress next month are day-dreaming“-Psychology Maziwisa

The father of two is also undoubtedly one of the leading Mugabe’s two sided bootlickers. Earlier in his life during his days at Chiropa primary school, Maziwisa was reported to be an intelligent student who could eloquently recite long worded poems. Even reading his articles now, its apparent that Maziwisa is blessed with a high IQ!

Whilst at the University of Kwazulu Natal he formed his own political organization Principled African Students Organization (PASO) He was also elected the deputy SRC president

Maziwisa penned articles against Mugabe. However after being approached by Saviour Kasukuwere in 2010 he became a Mugabe supporter! He worked as Kasukuwere’s advisor and that marked the onset of his denigratory attacks against Tsvangirai. His support for the Mugabe regime he once critiqued with enthusiasm paid off. He was appointed Zanu Pf deputy director of information, as well as board member of the Zimbabwe Mining Development Board.

Tafadzwa Mugwadi

Students are either the government's biggest fear or best strength: ZINASU boss Mugwadi

Students are either the government’s biggest fear or best strength: ZINASU boss Mugwadi

Mugwadi was the 7th president of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu), a student union known for its anti Mugabe stance. Zinasu has produced students like Nelson Chamisa among others. However, during his presidency Mugnai was accused for misappropriation of funds in the organization. It seems as if Mugwadi has always been a pendulum that goes where the ‘green back’ is.

During his address as the new Zinasu president in 2010 Mugwadi described the Mugabe regime that he is now part of as a ‘heinous regime of Mugabe’. However, prior to the 2013 elections Mugwadi seemed to have developed an amnesia that obliterated all his previously held negative views of Zanu Pf.Mugwadi was appointed as the secretary general of the Zimbabwe Youth Action Group a youth empowerment group linked to Zanu Pf. He now describes the MDC as ‘ideologically bankrupt’ and has become a fervent supporter of Zanu Pf.

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