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The co-Vice Presidents: S.K. Moyo & Edina Madzongwe

Zanu (PF) leadership soap new twist as Mugabe appoints Vice Presidents

Zimbabwe ruler Robert Mugabe yesterday after dropping guillotine on his already thinned ruling party that saw the firing of the now former Vice President Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru as handsomely rewarded some key loyalists to his now visibly powerful wife Dr Grace Mugabe’s power campaign.

Edna Madzongwe, who in her capacity as Senate president played a spin role in elevating the “questionably” learned academic doctorate degree holder to one of the most influential party position as head of the Women’s organ replacing Oppah Muchinguri who in her capacity is believed to have been hoping for a surprise promotion. She will co-deputise the veteran leader with Simon Khaya Moyo who has been an unsurprising favourite for the post since the death of Vice President John Nkomo.

“With Oppah’s daily tireless and fervent support of the First lady and her straight face volunteering to defend the barrage of Dr. Grace Mugabe’s attacks on her former boss, I shudder to think how this who pans to her fading political career”, said a senior MDC political figure.

Mugabe, who kept his replacement immediate subordinates under lock and key until the moment, also hit a blow of amiss on probably his only left cadre, Emmerson Munangagwa who has been tipped of a seat in the cockpit ever since the succession song was in composition. Munangagwa has spent all the debate tenure fending off the ever growing speculation only Joice Mujuru as threat to the high table.

Other political critics now cite Khaya Moyo, who is outgoing party chair and Madzongwe as simplistic choices Mugabe can easily trump on in the process of catapulting his power gaining wife to the very top position creating a total dynasty set up of the Zimbabwe leadership. Both of them have limited on the ground following that could garner their ambitions to derail the Mugabe-dom kingship.

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