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ZCTU claims bullet threats

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) alleged claimed that two leaders have received threat messages pinned with bullets from the unknown sender warned them not to organize a stay away or a protest on the 22nd of July

The unknown sender warned them not to organise anything which may disturb their businesses.

In an unsigned Press release ZCTU said the letters threatened to kill and harm the families of ZCTU senior officials, President Peter Mutasa and Secretary General Japhet Moyo.

“The letters threatened to kill the two and harm their families,”

“The ZCTU is taking these threats seriously and we are worried that our leaders are not safe.However,we believe the threats are part and parcel of efforts to intimidate the ZCTU leaders from discharging their duties.The police will be informed”

The ZCTU is said to be plotting a job stay away because the Mnangagwa failed to give workers a living wage.ZCTU organized the 2019 protest after the Government had increased fuel price.

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