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ZEC must give timeously

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network hosted a 3 day workshop with the fourth estate and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which was aimed at creating a cordial relationship between the two.

During the workshop issues of the election calendar, election updates and election reporting were discussed.

The fourth estate which was represented by many journalists from different media houses passed their queries to ZEC that it was not giving updates in time and this had led to a creation of fake news because people want to know what the progress about the election is.

In an interview with one of the facilitators of the programme Rindai Chipfunde Vava told ZimOnline that “ZEC must give updates because the elections are for the public and they have the right to know what is delaying as well to know any progress that would have taken place.”

The programme was also facilitated by Zefanias Matsimbe from Mozambique who said the programme was to build a professional and productive relationship between the Elections Management Boards (EMBs) like ZEC and the Media.

Many journalists that were present encouraged ZEC to respect all media houses fairly and stop segregation of media houses because there are all playing the same role of been a watchdog of the society.



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