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ZESA urges subscribers to save energy

Following the national energy crisis Zimbabwe Energy Supply Authority (ZESA) has reverted back to stage 2 load shedding. The spokesperson of the company Fullard Gwasira has come out and urged all its stakeholders to save energy in the mitigation of crisis.

Gwasira admitted that the company is failing to meet energy demand due to lower water levels at Kariba Power Station and ageing equipment of power generators.

Posting on his twitter handle Gwasira said, “The electricity supply situation is quite dire. Please use available power very sparingly. We are able to supply most of our customers with power mostly during the night,” Gwasira said.

“I quite understand the emotions associated with not having power for 18hrs for days on end. Our machines are old, unreliable and break down every day and sometimes more than one machine fails. Plant failure is thus difficult to predict,” said Gwasira.

Despite that Eskom provide 400 megawatts, it is reported that there is still a gap of about 400 megawatts. Kariba has lost 800 megawatts due to poor rainfall.

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