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Zim Cash crisis deepens as “Greenback” trades against itself openly

The cash crisis looming the country has deepened with nearly all financial institutions outlets and agents completely running dry, scavenging for the few cash-ins to fuel the ever increasing restless queues for the American dollar.

Our team has been on the go speaking to the public regarding the issue, noting some outlets like Total Filling Stations that had earlier came up with reprieve on the hard-hit customers allowing them to buy with Ecocash Merchant now alleging the system is down so people pay in cash.

Driving up Bindura road gave our teams an eye sore of motor vehicles abandoned on roadsides after the drivers failed to secure fuel yet they had decent balances in their respective accounts.

“Its pathetic Chinamasa and Mangundya waste our times saying plastic money is the solution when they are not ensuring the service providers has a workable and sustainable procurement plan free of hustles. I do not blame the Filling Station at all, they are merely doing their jobs”, fumed Takurai Makaradzi from Mutoko whose Toyota Hilux succumbed just after Chisipite.

We were shocked to discover a Total Petrol Station in town (name withheld for legal reasons) giving out cash on two conditions; one had to fuel up first as well as cede 7% of required cash to the mediators of the deal.

With the US Dollar now trading against itself, hard currency unavailable, we have come across many barons eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bond notes to fuel the trade taking the economy back to the 2000s era of burning currency.

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