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Zim Hip Hop Response to Zim Dancehall

tgPopular hip hop supremo Tinashe Gonzara stage name T Gonz has finally found the solution to counter the dominance of Zim Dancehall a genre that has taken Zimbabwe by storm.

Zimdancehall probably found favour because it sings about real issues, whereas Hip hop artists sings about flamboyance yet they are still suffering.

“A lot of people think that hip hop is all about swag, money and its uptown music, but I am here to educate the people that hip hop is a culture and its appeal is supposed to resonate with Zimbabwean context. In the ghetto where we want to be rapping about the ghetto struggle, social issues that happen in our everyday struggle” espoused T Gonz.

He is contemplating starting a hip hop clothing yekughetto very soon they will be Hipu Hopu yekughetto T Shirts and snap backs. “I will recruit a few younger talented hip hop rappers soon as part of mahip hoppers” said T Gonz

“I am from the ghetto and i make hip hop that appeal to the ghetto residents unlike guys who try to please the uptown youths yet most people uptown prefer Zimdancehall to some superficial Zimhip hop. Musicians are losing fans both uptown and downtown” adumbrated T Gonz.


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