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Zim musicians’ wife nominated for an award in Dubai

Zimbabwe Musician Goridhe’s wife, Clara Manyepera was nominated for the Zimbabwe Community Awards (Dudai Edition) scheduled for tonight in Las Vegas, Chelsea Plaza in Dubai.

The event is hosted by the popular event organizer, Cheese’n’Whiskers Entertainment and Jah Signal, the ‘Stonyeni’ hit maker and Goridhe will be performing among others.

Manyepera who is the founder of Ramadi Real Estate said that she was nominated in the business category.

 “Ramadi Real Estate Dubai is a Property Consultancy Company which I started in 2017. The company was licensed by the United Arab Emirates government to sell properties in and around Dubai, from large scale commercial units, residential buildings, apartments, villas, mansions, lofts, penthouse and townhouses. Our company is a trusted partner in property investment opportunities. Our priority is to protect our client’s investment.

The Real Estate industry is one of the most challenging businesses in Dubai. It takes a lot of strategic thinking, coordination, selling skills and most importantly it is fund oriented. For the business to grow one has to fork out too much funds towards areas such as marketing, office infrastructure and obviously property acquisition itself but at the end of the day, returns are great,” she said.

Zimbabwe Community Awards (Dubai) are for Zimbabweans making a difference abroad and within the United Arab Emirates and the Asian community.



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