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Zim-passport delays heats up

The temporary suspension of emergency passport by the Registrar General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede last week has left many foreign based Zimbabweans stuck in the country with no immigration alternative. Today the Registrar General Office started issuing out passports for three days only at $ 318 top up to a selected few.

The political and economic turmoil in the country forced lots of   Zimbabweans to look for greener pastures outside the country and periodically visit their families back home.

Mudede’s announcement that they can no-longer issue out passports because of the backlog of Forex has left most Zimbabweans stranded. Most of these diasporas are breadwinners and had visited their families on short leaves with school fees and stationary.

Speaking to  Cephas Zvenyika  a  technical engineer at ICT Globe Management in South Africa and also part time DJ known as Wezhira for www.zimonlineradio.com said, “The government knows our plight, I feel this is a political strategy to keep Zimbabweans locked inside the country for the 2018 elections”.

Wezhira said, “I came home to renew my passport and visit my family in Gutu, Masvingo and instead of enjoying my visit I was busy looking for cash barons so that i buy money to secure my journey back to work. During the hustle passports gets banned and I have to renew my passport so that i get a work permit in SA now I am stuck here for six months.

Millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa and other countries had successfully obtained permits from these host governments to work and stay legally in their country for the past 10 years.

In 2007-2008 Zimbabweans flocked out of the country because of the same reasons we are facing today, talk of cash shortage, political upheaval, unemployment and hunger.

With the lawlessness in the country borders become a corruption stronghold as travelers bribe their way through to both sides of the border.

The situation has raised unrest and corruption has become so rampant that for almost everything someone has to dip into their pockets to get things done.

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