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Oiling the scribes to gloss the PHD Ministries publicity: Prophet Magaya

ZIMA clashes Magaya

Following Magaya’s claim over the HIV and AIDS cure, the Zimbabwe Medical Association has urged all patients under the ARV treatment to continue their medication until medical evidence is provided to any claim of cure.

The Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Prophet Walter Magaya said that he had been given the revelation to the cure for HIV and AIDS, however this appears to be contrary to what people must do and believe.

“God has given me a revelation, we tested it and its perfect and God also showed me a certain tree.”Said Magaya

He claimed that the cure is coming from a tree or a plant called Aguma which is found in Zimbabwe and is responsible for immune system boost and to starve even cancer cells it is yet to work after Ministry of Health and Childcare’s approval.

The Zimbabwe Medical Association appears to be coming to a rescue of the people as the prophet once claimed a series of prayers for people who were HIV positive. He declared over the disease that a cure shall come after the prayer but late on people went to a retest and some were found positive some even died as they believed the man of god and left their medication.

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