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Zimbabwe celebrates 39th Independence

President Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa congratulated the nation for the achievement of 39 years of self-governance. He said this today at the National Sports Stadium where people were gathered for the independence celebrations.

“Today as we celebrate the birth of our nation, let’s honour the values that underpin it…we can no longer be concerned with mere survival, let’s seek to blossom and prosper as a nation. The ultimate obligation to turn around our fortunes lies with us using our natural God given abilities…the implementation of the Transitional Stabilization Programme has since gathered momentum…we’ve made an upward review of maize, soya beans and cotton and supplies are set to improve,” he said.

 “The land reform is irreversible and we will never regret taking back our land. We will never betray our comrades that died for the land. My administration is now focusing on unlocking value from the land and ensuring maximum productivity…resuscitation of the cold storage commission is now on track…the mining sector is a major conduit for investment inflows.

 “We applaud the small scale miners who are making meaningful contributions to the country’s revenue inflows…a national diamond policy is now in place. In line with our independence theme…communities must benefit from the natural resource endowments in their area,” said Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa added that the Government is putting in place projects to improve the country’s connectivity by road, rail and air. He said one stop border posts will be established at Kazungula and Beitbridge. He also said that the government took a huge step of introducing Zupco buses as Kombis were hiking fares without justification.

“I would like to commend the security services for their continued loyalty and defence of the constitution…law and order are an important ingredient for our development.

“Corruption, in whatever form by whomsoever, will not be condoned…the second republic will seek the development of marginalised communities,” says the President adding that his Government is fully committed to devolution.

 “Our prosperity is certain, happy independence Zimbabwe, Makorokoto Amphlope!, God bless you all, God bless Zimbabwe!,” says President Mnangagwa as he leaves the podium.

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