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Zimbabwe inflation to drop next year: Mthuli Ncube

Finance and Economic Minister Hon  Mthuli Ncube assured the public that inflation is expected to start coming down around next year.

Ncube urged members of the public to be patient in this era of economic crisis, as it will come to pass.

“I urge citizens to be patient but economic reforms don’t work instantly. We are going through an adjustment.It will come to pass as I have said by this time next year inflation will be down and what we have done so far is to be true to the reformer gender…,” said Ncube.

Since last year September the economy has been deteriorating, resulting in accelerated price hikes of basic commodities like cooking oil and bread.

The cost of living is going beyond the reach of Most Zimbabweans and they are now accusing the government of introducing a raft of measures that have further burdened them instead of alleviating their pain.

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