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Zimbabwe slowly approaching “boiling point” as protests increase

Zimbabwe which has been for decades reeling under a declining economy coupled by corruption and claims of government mismanagement could nearly be encroaching to declaration of a state of emergency as protest, demonstrations and public unrest are on the increase.

Civil unrest in the country has now become more and more bold as activist and political oppositions are increasingly boldly challenging the ruling ZANU PF’s performance record, highlighting the decline in the quality of life in the country. Social media, perhaps in the wake of the “Arab Spring Protests” that saw the toppling of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia among other country in the sub-Arab North Africa seem to be taking a controlling role in information transmission and mobilisation.

Last Friday a bus driver died of gunshot wounds in Beitbridge, in a violent demonstration that saw the burning down on the ZIMRA impound warehouse and many vehicles torched while the public from both sides of the Limpopo protested against the government’s banning of imports from South Africa. The Zimbabwe National army had to be called in to assist the police in quelling the situation, leading to multiple arrests.

Previously on Thursday, Acie Lumumba a 27yr upcoming politician held a press conference to announce the launch of a youth led political party at which in his speech boldly F**bombed the President blaming him and his government for corruptly robbing his generation of the freedom, resources and welfare. Lumumba’s whereabouts after the event remains unknown with many speculations among them, that he was abducted by the notorious CIO for questioning.

Monday today, the country has woken up to empty roads on the entire eastern routes entering into the capital city as commuter operators withdrew their vehicles protesting the numerous rogue and corrupt police roadblocks that are rendering their businesses unsustainable. Commuters were left stranded and had to walk for tens of kilometres to workplaces ans schools.

“I took over transport business from my father who also inherited from his father who was a successful taxi fleet operator in Hatfield and Waterfalls. Never in my life and the tenure of my father had we experienced such cruel, corrupt and greedy police lot. I would rather break the vehicles for spares or sale them as we are literally working for the police now”, said one emotional transport operator who refused to be named in fear of being further victimised.

By mid-day, the protests had gulvanised in the Harare CBD with unconfirmed reports of casualties and stoned vehicles.

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