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Zimbabwe UK 2014: A new dimension

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What used to be an event formal sector and family setups used to shy away from has turned a chapter into a community flagship drawing resounding and overwhelming support from individuals, parents, business communities and even the religious sector participation.

Two years ago when Simba Media Global took over the brand Miss Zimbabwe UK vowing to restore it to its befitting glory and make it the pride of the community, hardly would you find a dozen people convinced this would be achievable. Through the challenges and hurdles of public scepticism, backlash and smear campaigns, the brand has emerged out of the grill to the letter of the organisers’ pledge.

“I am deeply moved at the response of the entire community this season, from the appointed team, the girls geared for the ramp, the sponsors , media houses and most importantly the Zimbabweans from all walks of life. It is both emotionally overwhelming and amazing”, said Beritha Muzondo who takes reigns of the pageant here forward.

Moneygram, a leading money transfer organisation within the Zimbabwean community and beyond which has tremendously supported Zimbabwean community initiatives over the years has remained faithful to their word, taking care of part of the expenses on the budget.

Chiltern Support & Housing, a highly successful Zimbabwean run business whose glory has been exceedingly celebrated through year by year achievement awards and merits has pulled all stops in backing this community initiative, in addition to other, according an “All-Expenses-Paid” holiday to any European destination for the winner of this year’s crown, further to what the pageant has already packaged.

Exhibiting the same spirit is Senzeni Murau, the innovator and bosslady of T444Z Hairfood product who scooped multi recognitions this year for her innovation and enterprenual skills has also thrown in her weight in contribution. More pledges continue to pour in as preparations take shape ahead of the grand finale night.

The ladies’ groups which have made tremendous community in-roads and forged unifying platforms on the social networks have also refused to be left out, graciously splitting the girls amongst their diverse strong battalions in support.

Going unnoticed is the goodwill of Mama Jumbe Restaurant , offering a pre-event party on Saturday 9th August for the girls to calm their nerves prior to the big day. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, please do so now through our website www.misszimbabweuk.com before we sell out. This year’s event will be strictly by advance reservation.

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