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George Charamba, widely speculated as the face behind pseudo columnist Nathaniel Manheru

Zimbabweans academics wasting their knowledge over nothing


Nathaniel Manheru has always been a mysterious and interesting persona to me, primarily because of how he has managed to be sheathed under the veneers of a Nome de plume for many years. Although some have made allegations to the effect that the mysterious columnist was none other than George Charamba, to me as a political scientist who believes in validating hypotheses with substantial evidence i am still not convinced. Suffice it to say that Manheru may be anyone within the top echelons of ZANU PF.

As a counter to Manheru’s dominance in the state media another interesting character mainly given prominence in the online publication Bulawayo24 has arisen. Interestingly Manheru has made allegations that this character known as Dinizulu Macaphulana was actually fugitive of the law Jethro Mpofu, a scribe who was alleged to have repatriated to South Africa after committing an armed robbery.

However it is not my intention to unearth the identities of these aforementioned characters. I just want to make a point. I have been enjoying their articles especially when they start to brag about who knows which scholar or who is an intellectual. Before i make my point i just want to emphasize that i am not a scholar but an amateur who works outside the academic mainstream but poses a talent of analyzing and writing. In the words of Manheru i am just an undergraduate!

Beach posits that the study of African history must be tackled using a multidisciplinary approach. Fields like semiotics, pale botany, serology, archaeology, and so forth must be considered before making an authoritative argument like the ‘great intellectual par excellence and political clairvoyant Nathaniel Manheru who boldly challenges that know one knows like him

Dinizului is no saint at all; his ‘candid assertions’ are marred by his penchant to formulate argument within the tribalistic prism. Well, that’s a myopic attempt to analyzing. History is replete with examples of people or events that got their names after their existence. For example the Great War was renamed World War 2 and right now if a nuclear war erupts it already has a name: world war 3! Many tribes were given names by the people who studied them (historians) or by the people who were exploited by them. For example at firm workers may refer to their boss as “Madhirezi” because of his lust for women. Years later the same boss may become known by that name even after his demise. Hence characterizing’s and making conclusions about people without really occupying their frame of reference is fraught with a lot of anomalies. So why concentrate on who is Shona, Ndebele or karanga?

All zeal and energy must not be directed towards the attempt to alienate the Shona’s from the Ndebele’s or vice versa, rather we must accept that both are now residents to a sovereign state which has met the Westphalia characteristics of statehood. The borders we have now came as a result of colonialism. Hence, as Africans let’s not fight over them; let’s not fight over language too! Hate it or love it we are all Zimbabweans. No need for one ethnic to harbour secessionist aspirations: that is a catalyst of civil wars!





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