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Zimbabweans are their own trouble causers: Linda Masarira

Linda Masarira the president for LEAD has gone on to blame Zimbabweans for their own problems. She said this earlier this morning on her twitter account.

She has blamed fellow Zimbabweans of been bad marketers of their own country although the tweet was received with a disapproval from most of her followers.

1/Every country just like any product on the market needs to be marketed properly. Where on Earth have you ever seen a product owner castigating the product and expect any takers? Zimbabweans are their own trouble causers. We waste a lot of energy & focus in researching about…

“2/…our weaknesses package those weaknesses together with lies and expect the world to buy that. We are doing the unheard of. We have so many competitive advantages over so many countries but we choose to position our country as the worst country, if anything as if there is …

“3/…absolutely nothing good about Zimbabwe. At the same time you expect investors, Jobs and a good living. You reap what you sow. Don’t think other countries have no problems, they choose to build on their strengths in order for them to bounce back on their weaknesses…

“4/…with capacity to overcome such. Let us focus on production. We need to revitalize our industries & processing our produce. Zimbabwe is facing food security issues yet no one wants to talk about this critical issue. At what point will we focus on bread & butter issues.” She said.

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