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Zimbabweans commemorate legacy of Joshua Nkomo

Zimbabweans today pay tribute to the founding father of Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo who passed on 1 July 1999 after battling prostate cancer.

He played a leading role in fostering unity in the country as he was a leader with immense courage who hated tribalism, regionalism and racism.

During his days, Father Zimbabwe yearned for unity and economic empowerment and fought against corruption, nepotism and related issues. However his dreams were not fulfilled in our new Zimbabwe.

Nkomo was regarded by many political analyst as the president Zimbabwe never had. Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Combrade Judith Ncube said it was important for the nation not to forget Father Zimbabwe, as he is the champion of the country’s liberation struggle. She said that Dr Nkomo among others fought for independence, younger generations should advance the country’s economic prosperity.

Despite the political polarization that is characterizing Zimbabwe today, Nkomo remains a unifying figure and source of inspiration to many.



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