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Zimbabweans condemn xenophobic attacks

Zimbabweans are deeply saddened by xenophobic attacks in South Africa, targeting foreigners including Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Mozambicans and Pakistanis and other Africans.

Zimbabweans on social media have expressed their anger over this xenophobic violence.

“South Africa why?!? It will never be ok for us to kill each other, it will never be ok to burn and bludgeon people to death because we failed to have a conversation. My heart is broken. We must stop this before we finish each other #Xenophobia,” said Evan Mawarire.

How do you BURN SOMEONE ALIVE And you are ok with that BS…… like a whole human being and you just watch and feel nothing nje…nothing!!!!That level of hate is evil! WTF #SouthAfrica# NoToXenophobia,”said Misred.

“What is happening in South Africa is truly a sad indictment for Africa. If one looks at it closely poor Africans are brutalizing poor Africans. We need to redress this situation on our part as Zimbabwe. We must sort out our economic mess very fast indeed,” said Douglas Mwonzora.

“The #Xenophobic attacks by South Africans on fellow Africans show that they lack Ubuntu. Killing or looting from your fellow brothers and sisters won’t make you successful in anyway. Focus on the real problem .Also shocked that @cyrilramaphosa is doing nothing #Xenophobia,” said Duduzile Nyirongo.

Foreign owned shops, cars, properties and business premises are also destroyed and looted. It is said, South African police have been deployed to stop violence but they are clashing with the protesters.

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