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Zimbabweans react to government’s new currency promises.

A number of significant people on social media have reacted to government’s announcement that Zimbabwe will get new currency in November.

The announcement frustrated people, saying that the government is now confusing them.

“Your report must not confuse people like this. The new Zim dollar currency was already introduced, what will be issued are new notes and coins. Is that too difficult to get,”Cde Never Maswerasei.

“You can change this useless, valueless currency as many times as you like- but it won’t work,your problem is you, biased, propagandist regime media and your incompetent owner Zanupf,”Cazawaty#freepoliticalprisoners.

“How is this going to address the economic situation we are in?  Already we have Zim dollar in so called bond dollars.Whats the difference that makes you think the new money will fix the economy @TichZindoga mr editor,” Ishe Mukati.

“So what we gonna call this one? 1 Austerity dollar or 1 mausoleum?? Feels we have exhausted all currency names,” Dziva.

“haa confusion yacho so ndopaunoona kuti zvikoro zvekuhondo hapana zvaidzidzwa shuwa economy yacho iri kuitwa trial and error tactics mapofu akutungamidzana mugwenga,”dukeayden.

“Changing currency won’t solve the current problems but escalate them.my suggestion is let’s stop price increases anything that stabilizes the prices is much needed at the moment than anything else,”Edwell Diza.

A member of the newly appointed Monetary Policy Committee Eddie Cross said the new currency will be introduced next month in a move to curb cash shortages in the country.

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