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Zimbabweans react to Mnangagwa’s “new currency promises” Remarks

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said Zimbabwe can expect a new currency before the end of the year at a National Clean Up Campaign in Southlea Park. He added that the country cannot develop economically whilst using other countries’ currencies.

Mnangagwa’s announcement brought different reactions from different people.

“It’s been 81 days since Emmerson enacted SI33/2019 that introduced the RTGS$.The suggestion of yet another new unbaked is reflective of incompetence & policy #paralysis by this #ossified authoritarian regime. Clearly the worst gvt ever in history,” said former Finance Minister Tendai Biti.

“Someone please explain to this chap that the price increases and RTGS rates are a result of inflation. His new currency will go the same way as the RTGS .How did we end up with such a dump chap as a President?” said Thabisa Siban2da.

“Nobody will have confidence in this new currency,It will fare just as the RTGS dollar, the chopping $ changing is making us dizzy, Without macroeconomic stability, hyperinflation will get worse, stop looting.Reform,This won’t end well, confusion,” said Fadzayi Mahere

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