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Zimroads claim 13 in two separate Accidents

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has recorded fatalities in two separate road traffic accidents that claimed the lives of thirteen people(13) on the 5th of March,2021.

According to the police, the first accident occured along the Harare-Mukumbura road at around 10am where a motorist driving a BMW struck and killed 6 people,all pedestrians.

The second accident took place along the Mutare-Juliasdale road at around 11am where the fuel tanker allegedly crept into the lane of an oncoming Nissan NP300 motor vehicle.

This resulted in a head collision in which seven people died on the spot.

In a press statement,Assistant Commisioner Paul Nyathi continued to warn motorists to exercise caution while on the road to avoid such terrifying accidents.

“It is the responsibility of the drivers to be safety consious along the road“, Nyathi said.

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