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ZIMURA irks music artists, they now speak

There appear to be a curse on Zimbabwean music artists despite many of them making international stage headlines but meeting the end of their careers and lives in dire and pauper state. Many names such as the greats John Chibadura, Paul Matavire, Biggie Tembo, System Tazvida, Leornard Dembo plus many more that died miserable, poor and beaten despite having had been chart toppers of national radios and sold records, cassettes and cds to platinum levels.

A private “association” was formed, allegedly to mitigate that and protect the artists’ financial interests with all artists pushed to sign up with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA).

Right from inception, there has been loud outcry from artists about the calculation, payouts and inexplainable lack of auditable regime of the Association yet organisation’s executives alleged to be living larger than life.

One artist who spoke to ZimOnline News said she has vowed to just forget about ZIMURA as she considers them a fraud and insult to her hardwork and believes there must be a collusion with either the national broadcaster, the ministry of corridors of power to sabotage artists.

“Simba, I work so hard together with my husband. How many times have you heard my songs on Number One on radios, yet at one time I was given a payout breakdown of RTGS$147.22? What do I do with that not even enough to cover my fuel bill to their office? Its just not worth it, Ngavaidye havo…”, she said.

Controversial artist Noble Styles known for his hardhitting truths in lyrics has taken it even to the ZIMURA doorstep boldly fingering them in his latest offering song “Dear Artist” released on 24 June 2020 produced by Quazor for Young Games Entertainment.

“Uchafa uchitambura ukasekerera vanodya cheziya rako seZIMURA…” part of the lyrics blasted.

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