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ZOL Increases Wibroniks Prices

ZOL has increased its Wibroniks subscription prices in a clever way with effect from next month, the first of May by replacing and repricing its data plans.

The 5gig Wibroniks data plan which cost RTGS $15 will start to be going for RTGS $29. Previously, there was a 30gig data plan/allocation but from next month it will be there and it will cost you RTGS $89 (RTGS $89 is currently the price of a 50gig data plan).

The 20 gig data plan is priced at RTGS $49 which is the current pricing of a 25 gig data plan. As for people who do not want to spend too much, they can choose the new 3 gig data plan which will cost you RTGS $15 (RTGS $15 is the currently the price of a 5 gig data plan).

The US Dollar pricing is best to use as the RTGS Dollar will shock purchasers yet of another increase because of the prevailing informal market rate of RTGS $ to US Dollar. In a frank note, ZOL says it’s not to be blamed because the general price level in Zimbabwe is increasing daily.

Netone yesterday also repackaged its data and voice bundles whilst the new increased prices of Wibroniks comes just a little over the month after ZOL increased the prices of fibre internet.



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