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ZUPCO buses to pull out service

ZUPCO buses are reported to have been disappeared in some parts of Harare and Bulawayo due to a misunderstanding with the government.

The ZUPCO bus company invited interested bus owners to provide services for them on their agreed terms and conditions. Some of the bus operators who spoke to media said the scheme is not functional for them as the government is not paying them the amount they agreed on.

It is said the players indicated that they will be pulling out their services on Monday if the government does not pay them as they agreed.  Some commuter omnibuses have taken advantage of the situation and have increased fares from $1 to $1.50 and $2 because some buses have already pulled out.

ZUPCO buses were introduced by government as an alternative for citizens who were complaining of higher fares that were being charged by kombis. Early morning in Bulawayo today many people were stuck and there were kombis as a result of fuel shortages.

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