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Zupco drivers are frontline workers: ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that Zupco drivers must be included in the state funded vaccination programme as they are frontline workers.

In a statement, President Mnangagwa assured the public that the Zupco staff would continue to take care of the national fleet while adhering to the WHO covid-19 health guidelines.

“I expect ZUPCO as our national public transport carrier, to use their fleet as an effective platform for branding. Govt has now designated ZUPCO employees as frontline workers & included them in our voluntary, free & State funded National Vaccination Programme“, he added.

He further commented on the tapcard sysytem developed by HIT and Zupco staff saying it is reliable for maintaining order.

Government commisioned their 4th batch of the buses in bid to increase mobility in the country at lower cost.

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